Parish of Olveston Design Statement
Olveston, Tockington, Old Down, Ingst, Lower Hazel, Awkley
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1 Background
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Planning context

2 The existing environment
2.1 Landscape of the Parish
2.2 History and pattern of development
2.3 Notable buildings and structures

3 The character of our villages
3.1 Overview: Olveston, Tockington & Old Down
3.2 Traditional built form
3.3 Traditional materials
3.4 Traditional details

4 Designing for the future
4.1 Guidelines for all development
4.2 Guidelines for new building
4.3 Guidelines for alterations and extensions
4.4 Guidelines for external works and private open spaces
4.5 Guidelines for the Conservation Areas

5 The wider environment
5.1 Open spaces
5.2 Landscape and access
5.3 Highways
5.4 Services

6 Other considerations
6.1 Improving village life
6.2 Looking to the future
6.3 Photo archive
6.4 News and information

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The Common, Olveston


The Parish of Olveston Design Statement gives examples of good practice for extensions, alterations and news for building in the South Gloucestershire Parish of Olverston.The Parish includes the villages and hamlets of Olverston, Tockington, Old Down, Ingst, Lower Hazel and Awkley.


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