About us

Olveston and Aust parishes

The two civil parishes of Olveston and Aust lie in the Severn Valley.  You may have visited us many times without knowing you were there, as you drove along the M4 and/or the M48.  Heading west, as you drop down from the M4/M5 Interchange towards the old Severn Bridge and along the M48 you will pass though our two parishes.  You may even glimpse the churches of St. Mary's in Olveston and St. John's in Aust.

The civil parish of Aust (not the ecclesiastical parish) is comprised of Aust, Elberton and Littleton-on-Severn villages which are described in the Aust Parish article below.  The civil parish of Olveston comprises Olveston, Tockington, Old Down, Awkley, Lower Hazel and Ingst and these are described in the Olveston Parish article below.

As neighbours, we share many things in common and the monthly community magazine, Meeting Point, is one of them.  If you want to see what goes on in and around our homes, please go to the Community Magazine link to find copies of our magazine.  This will give you detailed information about the coming month's events.  If you want to know about events further ahead than that, check out our Events page.